Adhesif Labels have been booking their travel through Anne Upperton of Concept Travel since 1987.
Over that time we have enjoyed exceptional service and most importantly no surprises.
When travelling overseas on business being in the right place at the right time is the main requirement.
Concept have made sure that everything is organised and schedules are meet.
We look forward to continuing our association.
Rob Warren

Despite the apparent ease in managing our own bookings and travel arrangements online I could never match the reliability and skill that Anne from Concept Travel brings to that job.
She has done that for me for many years now and provides a level of comfort and service that I have come to rely on and trust implicitly.
Not only does she have enormous experience and knowledge, it is how she customizes that to meet my specific needs that is so impressive.
She is thorough and has seemingly endless patience with me as I prevaricate.
I have no hesitation in recommending her and Concept Travel to look after your travel and accommodation needs.
David Galler
Intensive Care Specialist
Middlemore Hospital

Anne Upperton of Concept Travel looked after our airline bookings and hotels, and the odd excursion, for a month long holiday involving six flights and three stop overs within the first week – from Tauranga to Turkey. She demonstrated why it is so much better to use a professional than attempt to do it oneself on the net. She gave us options, met our needs, stayed nicely within budget and we benefitted from her exceptional knowledge and experience. She was highly efficient, always responded rapidly to queries with clear concise answers, provided additional information we found we needed, and has delivered us an itinerary which would have torn my hair out and added more wrinkles had I attempted to do it myself. Adding to which my partner and I would hardly have been speaking each other by the time we left, due to the stress of creating our own travel bookings, and would have missed vital details which would have compromised our enjoyment of our trip.
Liz French, Tauranga